Qualifications for VET personnel

Building qualifications for vocational and training personnel

Project description

The "Quali4Pro" project is part of the BMBF initiative "Innovative Approaches for Future-oriented Vocational Training" and is funded by the BMBF. The overall aim of "Quali4Pro" is the development and piloting of a module-based programme for providing qualifications for vocational training personnel.

The Further Training Scheme for Energy Technology in the energy technology business cluster of Berlin-Brandenburg is a scientifically and quality criteria-based pilot and practice project. The results of "Quali4Pro" are documented both on and offline, discussed and published in specialist journals and other publications. The Training Personnel Qualification Programme has a modular design and is pilot tested. It annually provides systematic training and qualification opportunities for practical corporate and vocational training environments.

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Project partners and their priorities include:

Vereinigung für Betriebliche Bildungsforschung e. V. – IBBF 
Projektkoordinator, verantwortlich für Konzept zur The Project Coordinator, responsible for qualification planning and the professionalisation of training staff; applicable development and piloting of the modular programme for qualifying trainers - in conjunction with all partners.
Ausbildungsverbund Teltow e.V. - Bildungszentrum der IHK Potsdam
Basic principles for qualification and professionalisation of training personnel in educational establishments.
Requirements, skills development, performance criteria and tendencies in training for training staff in companies.
k.o.s GmbH
Quality standards for the qualification and professionalisation of vocational training personnel.
  Prof. Dr. Peter Dehnbostel
Validation of skills for training staff, professional study
"The situation, skills requirements and professionalism of training staff in the WBS ET"

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Contact person:

Dr. phil. Katharina Kühnel, Projektleiterin
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Ulrike Beckmann, Projektassistentin
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+49 30 762 39 23 07

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