Increasing SME Apprenticeship Engagement

International Project

High youth unemployment and the associated lack of prospects and increasing social difficulties in many countries of the European Union are the background and motivation for this EU strategic partnership project.

Project description

This three-year EU project, which was a strategic partnership of six partner organisations from five countries increased the involvement of SMEs in vocational training. In addition, curricula have been developed for training managers and employees of SMEs, so that these can be better prepared for recruiting trainees. This is involves six partner organisations from Great Britain, Poland, Canada, Germany and Bulgaria. Since 1 September 2015, they have been working together and presented their results at a transnational conference in Nottingham.

The Institute for Vocational Training Research (IBBF) was concerned with analysing the obstacles that hold back SMEs in Europe from achieving effective training. In February 2016, the German vocational training programme was presented to the partners. In particular, the dual system, collaborative training and best practice examples in the Berlin area were highlighted. Some of these examples were adapted and piloted in Bulgaria, Great Britain and Poland. In these cases, the IBBF is the evaluating partner, conducted online surveys and interviews. In addition, a brief report on the current situation of education in Germany has been written and is available under "Publications to Download".


The Partner:

Amt der Gemeinde Gedling in Nottinghamshire (UK)
Bulgarische Handelskammer

Schule für Kommunikation (Zespół Szkół Łączności) in Posen (PL)


Project funding

Contact person

Christine Schmidt, Projektmanagerin
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+49 30 762 39 23 04

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