Lernwelt Elektromobilität Berlin

LERNWELT ELEKTROMOBILITÄT BERLIN was a four-partner, jointly launched pilot project of the Berlin Senate Department for Work, Integration and Women. From January 2014 to December 2015 new concepts and solutions for qualification requirements in electromobility were worked out in Berlin. As of 1 January 2016, a new focus has been placed on digitisation in areas such as electromobility and fleet electrification.

Project description

LERNWELT ELEKTROMOBILITÄT Berlin is working on new concepts and solutions for vocational education and training in electromobility. The aim is to develop exemplary solutions through innovative training opportunities along the education chain and to introduce these in the form of pilot projects.

This is conducted in cooperation with partners throughout the Berlin area. In addition to our programmes for the general public, we also provide programmes targeted at pupils, trainees, students, managers and specialists and disseminators. As scientific knowledge and its technological implementation in ever-expanding companies increases, training requirements for workers will also increase.

Offers are being specifically developed to address the current needs of employees in companies and other target groups. The focus of the project is the development and testing of modular training and qualification programmes that build on the knowledge around the requirements for vocational development in electromobility.

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Christine Schmidt
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Tel.: +49 30 762 39 23 04

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