Education for Circular Sustainable Development in the 21st Century


Project Discription

The 21st century is characterized by extensive processes of change. To shape these progressions successfully, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been jointly agreed upon, which also apply to the field of vocational education and training.

Within and between the various fields, conflicting goals could arise. For example, intelligently networked infrastructure is necessary for mobility and energy turnaround. At the same time, enormous quantities of raw materials are required to achieve this goal. However, the needed raw materials are only available in limited quantities, and their extraction causes ecological, economic, and social problems.

In Information and Communication Technology (ICT), work is already underway on functioning cycles of technical resources and modular construction that can help resolve conflicting goals. For these developments, we need experts as multipliers with this knowledge and competence.

Therefore Circle21 develops educational solutions on technical cycles of the 21st century. Teachers in the fields of mobility and energy test innovative and sustainable tools (e.g. modular smartphones for ICT lessons) and advise in further development. Through these concepts, we eventually reach learners – designers, developers, and specialists of tomorrow.


Project Duration

01.02.2021 -31.04.2022


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