Research and pilot projects on vocational education, skills development and the innovative organisation of employment are just a part of the portfolio of services we provide. They form an integral part of our work, as does the direct involvement of companies and experts and the practical application of research results.

Current projects


The EU project is a strategic partnership, co-funded by the EU program ERASMUS+. The six partner organizations intend to integrate new aspects and methods of the so-called Circular Economy into vocational…

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Finished projects


The declining interest in metal professions, with simultaneous high youth unemployment in some EU countries and the associated lack of prospects, form the background and motivation for this strategic EU…

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Therefore Circle21 develops educational solutions on technical cycles of the 21st century. Teachers in the fields of mobility and energy test innovative and sustainable tools (e.g. modular smartphones…

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Energy Tech Continuing Training Scheme

The energy revolution– with its technical and technological developments, changes in legal requirements and emergence of new business segments and models – will place new demands on the skills of workers.

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Lernwelt Elektromobilität Berlin

LERNWELT ELEKTROMOBILITÄT Berlin is working on new concepts and solutions for vocational education and training in electromobility.

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Qualifications for VET personnel

The "Quali4Pro" project is part of the BMBF initiative "Innovative Approaches for Future-oriented Vocational Training" and is funded by the BMBF.

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Digitisation skills

Digital competencies and operational skills management must be developed and implemented to deal with the requirements currently being placed on companies.

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Innovative Energy Technology

The INWENT project - Innovative Further Training for Energy Technology – offers companies in and around Berlin the opportunity to increase the skill sets of their employees through suitable further training…

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Increasing SME Apprenticeship Engagement

High youth unemployment and the associated lack of prospects and increasing social difficulties in many countries of the European Union are the background and motivation for this EU strategic partnership…

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