Occupational research into education

Studies and developments in vocational training and business qualifications

So far, the major transformations in learning have taken place outside the scope of general and vocational education and training. In fact, the existing educational structures and forms of learning even stand in direct contrast to these developments. This is because these changes are based on new developments, great leaps of knowledge, ideas, and changes in perspective and thus are fluid. To actively deal with new topics, creativity, enjoying the learning process and a willingness to cooperate are essential. These processes require competencies such as autonomous action, working in heterogeneous groups and the ability to confidently and competently work with languages (natural sciences as well as mathematics), various media and digital tools.

In addition, the ability to make decisions in the face of uncertainty is becoming more and more important. One could easily posit this is perhaps in despite of or precisely because we are increasingly confronted with new realisations and forms of knowledge. These competencies, which span the entire educational system from preschool to general and then vocational, academic and continuing education, are indispensable for realising the transformations taking place in the energy, mobility and heating sectors. It is for this reason that the IBBF is dedicated to the empirical study of these research and development questions in educational research. R&D project results are published in a variety of journals and publications and made available to interested parties.

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Christine Schmidt

Geschäftsführende Vorständin (Finanzen)

Dr. Michael Steinhöfel


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