Employee, team and organisational development

Consulting, coaching and research

Changes in the economy and society are creating new demands on structures, processes and the skills of both companies and employees. Organisational changes and the development of new skills are intrinsically linked and cannot be pursued independently of each other.  By combining employee development with the company's own development, change processes can be strengthened for the betterment and expansion of innovation, competitiveness and employment security.

The IBBF offers companies and employees support and advice in structuring their change processes. Analyses of organisational and qualification-oriented needs are just as much a part of this service as is the development and implementation of human resources and organisational concepts. To support companies and employees in these processes, the IBBF uses moderation and conflict management training, leadership and team development and coaching sessions.

Research, development and actual project results are published in a variety of journals and publications and made available to interested parties.

Contact Person:

Christine Schmidt

Geschäftsführende Vorständin (Finanzen)

Dr. Michael Steinhöfel


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